Hillbilly Casserole

I was on this great roll of cooking nice homemade meals and getting blog posts out to you every other day when life smacked me in the face. My Rheumatoid Arthritis/Lupus decided to flare up and I haven’t been able to move in days. The meals lately included fast food and frozen meals. Thankfully, I have a teenager who thinks pizza rolls is a great meal.

A few nights ago I did manage to muster up the energy to cook a very easy family favorite. I have blogged about this casserole before on my old blog but really want to share it again on here. I thought the old blog had the each step narrated out through pictures, a blogging style I like to use because then it isn’t me rambling on, but it didn’t. I had only taken a few photos for the old blog and then rambled so much that by the end I wanted to shove a spork through my eyeballs. At least the casserole is delicious!

Let’s begin!


  • 1 pound ground meat
  • 28oz can of diced tomatoes 
  • 8oz can of tomato sauce (buy 2 because you might want extra)
  • 15oz can of corn (no salt added or low sodium)
  • Elbow macaroni 
  • Garlic Powder to taste
  • Salt & pepper to taste

Start by boiling the water for the elbow macaroni. The original recipe says to use 1/2 of a cup of cooked noodles in the recipe. That’s absurd! I make the entire box and use way more. I use closer to two cups of the cooked noodles. I then store the leftover noodles in the fridge so the offspring can enjoy her noodles and butter concoction.

While you are waiting for the water to boil start browning your ground meat. I use ground turkey. I have used ground beef in the past for this meal and it works just as well. My family just prefers the ground turkey.

Brown your meat until it is no longer pink.

Once the water is boiling, add the elbow macaroni and cook per the instructions on the box.

Next, add the diced tomatoes and tomato sauce to the browned ground meat. The original recipe uses 1 cup of the diced tomatoes. Again, that is too minimal for my liking. I use the entire big can. I believe it is 28-ish ounces. We like extra tomatoes in our dish. At this time add only 1 of the 8oz cans of the tomato sauce.

Next, start to season the meat sauce. I add the seasonings by taste. This is a recipe that, if you like black pepper, benefits from a lot of black pepper. Start on the lighter side with the seasonings and keep adding small amounts until you have a taste that knocks your socks off. 

After you have seasoned the meat sauce add the corn and check the taste to see if more garlic powder or black pepper is needed. Note: it always needs more black pepper! 

Let this meat sauce simmer while the noodles finish cooking.
Once the noodles are done, drain them, and add them to the meat sauce. I add the noodles one cup at a time. At this time I also often add more tomato sauce. This is why I suggest that you buy an extra can. If you add to many noodles, like I usually do, you can balance the sauce back out by adding more of the tomato sauce. Again, check the taste. You may need to add more pepper or garlic powder.

The best thing about this recipe, besides its amazing taste, is that it can easily be doubled if you have a larger family and the ingredient amounts can easily be adjusted to your preference.

I served this casserole with the dinner rolls that I mentioned in the Sour Cream Bake blog and a salad.

…and that is what we had for dinner!


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