Burrito Crunch Wraps

Fast food is always my go-to meal when I’d rather swim in an alligator infested swamp than cook dinner. 

Last night we decided to recreate one of our favorite fast food choices here at home. We decided to take on the task of making Taco Bell’s Crunch Wrap Supreme to see if the recipes claiming it could be done were right. Can you make this Taco Bell favorite at home? Yes! You can!

Let’s begin!


  • 1 pound of ground meat
  • 1 packet of taco seasoning mix
  • Nacho cheese sauce
  • Tostada shells
  • Burrito size flour tortillas 
  • Mexican blend shredded cheese
  • Tomatoes 
  • Lettuce 
  • Sour cream
  • Cooking spray

Start by chopping your tomatoes and lettuce. We also added avocados because we add them to anything we think they will taste good with, which is everything.

Next, brown your ground meat until it is no longer pink. 

Once your meat is finished, drain off any excess grease and add the taco seasoning mix. Follow the instruction on the taco seasoning mix to help guide you on this step. Each seasoning mix is different. Some call for more water than others and so on. Just do what the package tells you.

(Mentally picture what meat with taco seasoning added looks like.) I forgot to take a picture of this step. I had about 900 different things going on while trying to cook and am grateful I was able to get the photos that I did get.

Once the taco seasoned meat is done you can begin building your crunch wrap.

Start but heating the flour tortilla in the microwave for about 20 seconds . This will make it easier for you to wrap it as is required.

Now, add a small layer of the nacho cheese sauce.

I did not buy a con queso type of dip. I bought a regular cheese dip. I was worried it would be too bland, however, it tasted identical to the cheese used by Taco Bell.

Next, add a layer of taco meat.

Add the tostada shell on top of the taco meat.

Add a layer of sour cream to the top of the tostada shell.

Lastly, add the lettuce, tomatoes, and the Mexican Blend shredded cheese to finish off the assembly of the ingredients.

I must admit here that I am a fraud. I did not practice what I always preach. I did not shred my own cheese. The Mexican Blend does not come in the chunk of cheese. Since I have no fricken idea what they use to create it, I was a big hypocrite and bought the shredded cheese. I was ashamed at what I had become. Although, I quickly got over it once I tasted the finished product.

Once your crunch wrap is assembled the awkward task of folding this beast up begins. If you ever worked in Taco Bell as a teenager you have the advantage. I did not. I am a McDonald’s alumni. 

Begin by folding the bottom of the flour tortilla towards the middle. Keep working your way around until it is completely closed. 

My wrapping skills will not win me awards nor a sponsorship from Taco Bell. 

I’m not sure if there are different sizes of tostada shells available but the ones I bought were too big. Or maybe the burrito size flour tortillas were too small. Either way, wrapping this was an issue and I had to improvise but using a small piece of flour tortilla, cut from another tortilla, to close this wrap entirely.

Grilling the wrap is super easy!

Start by spraying a skillet with cooking spray. Lay the wrap in the skillet seam side down to start.

Once the first side is nice and brown, flip it over, and grill the other side.

It only takes a few minutes to grill each side. I burned the first one. You will need to wipe out the pan and add fresh spray in between cooking each wrap.

I served our crunch wraps with Knorr’s Mexican rice. 

It is a winner! 

….and that is what we had for dinner!


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